Deciding where you want to go…

As you may have guessed, this blog is dedicated to travel; And this post is dedicated to deciding where you want to go.

A problem many people face when they have an opportunity to travel is deciding where to go. After all, there are so many things to consider and so many places to see that making a finite decision can sometimes take a while. You have to consider what time of vacation you want to go on, whether it be a beach vacation filled with relaxing spas and drinks by the pool, or a fast-paced vacation where you spend most of the time walking around seeing the sights.

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Whatever you choose, it will be enjoyable, but if you are having trouble deciding where to go, here are a list of some suggestions to get you started.

Beach vacations:

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When looking for the perfect destination for a beach vacation, there are several things to consider. If you are a person who enjoys getting pampered, you may want to look into a place that has spa facilities, such as mexico or cuba. Check out this link:

Beach vacations are always a great way to relax, catch up on a good book, and get a great tan. But, If your looking for a vacation a bit more lively, this is the one for you.

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Lively and family friendly vacations just scream Orlando, Florida. Orlando offers fun for the whole family, plus it is warm all year round and who doesn’t love a warm weather getaway in the middle of winter!

With Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Sea World,Epcot,Disney’s Hollywood studios, Disney’s Typhoon lagoon, disney’s blizzard beach,Universal studios, Islands of Adventure, Wet ‘n Wild, Legoland and Gatorland, there are plenty of places to visit and keep you busy.


For a more adventurous vacation, you may want to check out Europe. With its breathtaking scenery and historical landmarks, Europe is the perfect place to vacation for people who love exploring new cities. Not sure where to go in Europe? Check out this site!


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