To kids, the airport is an exciting place where huge airplanes land and big sensors detect bombs and other dangerous things. To adults though, it is merely a busy, noisy, stressful, boring place you have to spend at least 2 hours in before catching your flight.

airport planes

While airports will always be boring and the least most exciting part of your trip, here are a few ways to deal with them and actually make them more fun.

What to do while waiting to board

-People watch – I know it sounds bad, but people watching is probably the most interesting thing to do, and what a perfect place to do it! Just try to be discreet…


– Bring a book- A tale as old as time. Bringing along a book offers the perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport. Just don’t get so into the book that you miss your flight…or you may end up looking like this…

love actually sam

– Take a nap- Hey, as long as you don’t snore, why not?

luggage sleep

– Watch a movie -The great thing about living in 2015 is that we can now take movies basically anywhere with the help of an iPad, phone or computer.


Hope these help next time your stuck at an airport!

Happy Exploring 🙂


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