Finding the perfect travel buddy

Many people dream of traveling the world; riding up to the top of the Eiffel tower, zip-lining overtop of the rainforest, exploring medieval castles and riding the London underground. But there is one problem: these fantasies usually involve a second person.


Finding the perfect person to travel with is no easy task. You could be best friends with someone and then go on vacation with them and discover that you are polar opposites. So, to avoid such catastrophe, here are 5 tips on how to find the perfect travel buddy.

Tip #1: Pick someone you have known for over a year.

Why a year, you ask? Because a year is a solid amount of time to scope out your friends. You know, to make sure their not serial killers or wanted criminals. If you take someone with you who you don’t know all that well, chances are it’s not going to end that great. You could get there and find out that your travel buddy snores so loud you can’t sleep, or is allergic to every.single.dust.molecule. known to man and spends the whole trip inside the hotel room. You get my drift.

Tip #2: Pick a friend who has the same travel expectations 

What do i mean by this? I mean if you are planning to spend your entire vacation getting to bed early, waking up early, and going sightseeing and NOTHING ELSE, you may want to let your travel buddy know. You don’t want to get there and find out that your buddy really only wants to hit up clubs and get drunk. Sightseeing + hangovers = not a fun vacation. For anyone.


Tip #3: If you are low maintenance, pick a friend that is to

I know that when I go traveling, there is minimal time for priming and primping my appearance. It’s all about comfort; Running shoes, bag, comfy clothes, hat. So, if you are like me and would rather have the time to explore than look immaculate; make sure to pick someone who feels the same way. If your ready to explore a new city and your travel buddy takes and hour to do their hair, it may not end well.

Tip #4: Take someone who has enough money

help me im poor

It may sound mean, but make sure your travel buddy has enough money to support themselves. If you are constantly having to pick up the bill and pay for things its going to make the trip a lot less fun.  Arrange who is going to pay for what before the trip so that you both know how much money to bring with you.

Tip #5: Go with someone you know will be a lot of fun

did we just become best friends?

Perhaps the most important aspect of picking a travel buddy is picking someone you know you will have a lot of fun with. The perfect travel buddy is someone who will make you smile, keep you calm, and appreciate where you are in the world.

So there they are. The 5 tips to finding the perfect travel buddy!

Happy Exploring 🙂


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