Unless you have Mary Poppins never-ending bag, or have become a wizard and can perform an undetectable extension charm (Harry potter reference, sorry if you missed it), packing is usually a huge pain in the butt. From deciding what you have to take to remembering your toothbrush or your favourite pair of sandals, packing usually starts out fun and goes down hill very quickly.

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So, to aid in your packing ventures, check out these tips on making packing easier.

Tip #1: Make a list

I know, know. Make a list? I sound like a mum making sure her kids aren’t just packing food to go to summer camp. But seriously, making a list of every thing you need to take as you think of it will help you when you start packing. It will also lessen the chances of you forgetting to pack something. so grab a piece of paper and a pen and get listing.

Tip #2:Set out everything before packing

Also sounds rudimentary, but I find it a big help. Laying out everything you are taking with you before you pack it helps you visually see what you have and what you don’t. If you pack as you go you could end up packing the same thing twice, or not packing it at all.

Tip #3: Only pack what you need

I know that I, Personally, am one of those people who over packs. And I can’t help it! What if it rains when you’re there, or there aren’t laundry facilities, or it gets cold so you need a pair of jeans! Whatever the reasoning, try to pack light, as this means you have more room to bring stuff back with you.

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Tip #4: saving space

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If you are an over packer and there is no way to escape it, then this tip is for you. When packing, try rolling up your clothes. Not only does this prevent them from wrinkling, it also saves a lot of space in your suitcase. Another thing you can do is out your socks inside of yours shoes. This will free up space and also help your shoes keep their shape if they are squished.

I hope these tips helped!

Happy exploring ­čÖé